Community Action for Rural Development Society (CARD) was established on June 7th, 1995 under Charitable Society Act and Public Trust Act. CARD is not for profit organization. It is non political in nature and having non-discriminating against caste, creed, region, religion and gender. The organization was founded by a group of agriculture scientists having rural background with rich experience in agriculture and social science at grassroots, national and international level.

Location: CARD is located at Anjangaon Surji, a small town having taluka head quarter in Amravati district of Maharashtra State in India. It is Six hundred km east to the State Capital i.e. Mumbai. The town is well connected by road and also having limited access to rail. The region having congenial agro-climatic conditions for growing cotton and hence the region is known as cotton bowls for centuries. The agriculture is predominantly rainfed and suitable for the various crops. However, there is widespread agrian distress prevailing in the region due to climate change and inappropriate implementation of the Government's pro-poor policies resulted in the highest rate of farmer’s suicides in the country.


Sustainable integrated development of rural and tribal under congenial environment.


Improve quality and quantity of farm produce by imbibing scientific culture with institutional approach in which he should not feel unloved, uncared and unwanted and do the natural resource management positively.

Accomplishment: CARD is working with more than ten thousand distress households spread over seventy two villages in Amravati district, Maharashtra State, India. Implementing programmes on the aspects of village Institution Development, Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihood, Women Empowerment, Crop Biodiversity and digital connect. CARD is intensively involved in achieve the SDG#1, 2, 5, 13 & 15 by implementing capacity building of the village institutions and distress beneficiaries in this rainfed agriculture situation through awareness programmes, trainings, field demonstrations, exposure and digitally connect as major tools for dissemination of various information. We are also assisting them in strengthening their backward and forward linkages, so that it creates employment generation, and strengthen the value addition of the produce or connect with agro processing industry and as effective part of whole supply chain.

Women empowerment is achieved through institutional exposure, financial literacy, livelihood training and linked their SHGs further to microfinance. CARD is also assists the researcher from national and international institutes in their studies on agriculture socio-economic situations. CARD has received Krushibhushan Award (2011) from Govt. of Maharashtra, India for its activity toward sustainable agriculture.

Finance: National and international agencies provides financial support to CARD for implementing the developmental programmed.

Networking: CARD is networking with various organizations having same vision and mission. CARD is indebted of Agriculture Department, GoM, and various Scientific and Developmental institutions includes ICRISAT, CICR, BARC, CIMAP, IFAD, WAC, ProPoor, AFARM, AWO, NLRDF Ltd, Guidestar India, Mumbai for their valuable guidance to accomplice the mission.